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Positive Education
Lifelong Resilience
Co-creation Community


WeThrive is a university-wide learning programme designed to equip students with a set of intellectual, intrapersonal, and interpersonal capabilities for nurturing student strengths and whole-person development in the University and beyond. The programme specifically introduces students to:

The WeThrive project is supported by the Teaching Development Grant of The University of Hong Kong.

Key Features


The WeThrive curriculum is structured around topics mapped with the University Educational Aims and benchmarked against world-leading, carefully validated positive education programmes.

Students as partners and co-creators

Student partners actively engage as WeThrive ambassadors in knowledge co-creation and collaboration in the community, which cultivates a collaborative, reciprocal process of learning and sharing.

Strengths-based pedagogical approach

WeThrive seeks to engage students cognitively, emotionally, and behaviourally by equipping them with positive mindsets and skillsets in a psychologically safe learning co-creation community.

Light of Thriving


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